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International University Experience

Applying and surviving the university experience in another country

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This community was created for people from any country applying to school in another country. That is, you're an American applying to a school in the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, etc or you're a Brit and looking to apply to school in the United States, New Zealand, etc. This community is not designed to give people assistance to applying to universities in their home country.

This community is for people applying to all levels of the university system. That includes people exploring Associates degrees, Bachelors, Masters, Students-At-Large, visiting students and Doctorale applicants. This community is also designed to assist people going to do study abroad.

This community is also designed for general academic advice. If you're coming to the United States and you're writing a paper and you're told to write it in MLA format and you've not an idea, you can be free to ask.