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Master's program abroad


Just joined, and I'm SO glad I found this community! I'll be a Senior in college this Fall, so that means it's graduate school time. I studied abroad in Paris, and fell in love with the city! I'm hoping to go back for graduate school, and even found the school I want to attend. EICAR. I visited the campus, saw the facilities, met some professors and was even given a DVD of the movies some of the students had made. The school helps people find housing - though you have to start super early, - so that's not really an issue.

My question, however, is about finding a job. I speak french - it's my current major with a film minor - so that's not going to be a concern, but I wonder what sorts of french jobs I could do and/or how to go about looking for them. I'm also concerned about finances, and paying for the program, so I was wondering how any of it managed to make it work abroad.

I really want to live abroad, so I want to do as much as I can to make this work!

Thanks for your help!
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