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Anyone in the know on the UK who might have some advice?

Hi everyone! I'm new here, nice to meet you. I'm Sugar (online handle, obviously), I'm 26, I live in Michigan, and I really feel like I missed out on study abroad as an undergrad. I want to get my Master's in folklore and have the bare bones of my thesis mapped out already, actually (hoping to publish a book).

Here's the thing. I really want to get out of the country. Specifically, I want very much to study in Scotland (England could be great also, but Scotland is choice numero uno). I want the experience, and I feel it can only help my future to have broadened my horizons that way. Well, okay, and I guess a small part of it is also every time I see a picture of Scotland I think "good heavens I want to be there." Beautiful place!

But, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed here at the starting gate. I have never left the US. I don't even have a passport yet. I've been to Hawaii once but that's the only time I've ever even been on a plane. So I'll probably really need some help to find out how to do this because I'm that flipping clueless about how one goes about finding a program, getting accepted, and then actually working out the details of going.

After some Google searching I found a folklore program I'm ten kinds of excited about at the University of Glascow (Dumfries campus). But shouldn't I find lots of schools I'm interested in and try for them all? How do I go about that? And what about financial aid? I've been using search terms like "graduate program folklore" and then either UK, Scotland, or England. Is that good enough? I feel like there should probably be a few others but I'm not coming up with much.

Thanks in advance, hope this post was easy enough to follow. Basically, I'm at the absolute starting point and I'm not entirely sure how to go about this. But I am determined and even if it's really challenging I know I can do it! Any and all suggestions, stories, or general encouraging words would be useful.

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I totally got in to that Folklore program! I'm heading to Dumfries in the fall and fifty kinds of excited about it. Thanks everyone! :D
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