Julia! (peaceful_one) wrote in uni_overseas,

Applying through any of the SUNY schools.

I just sent the last of my application to the SUNY Brockport program today. The deadline for the school I want to go to(Portsmouth University in England) is actually April 12th, so I'm a tad bit early. Just a tad.

But anyway, has anyone ever applied for any country through SUNY Brockport, or any SUNY school? How was the program you went through? Judging on my experience with the application process, I know that they've been very on top of all my emails for whenever I needed a question answered, and I've sent a LOT over the past 2 months.

I'm kinda just anxious to know when I'll be able to find out if I'm accepted or not. Even if you didn't apply through any SUNY, how long did you wait from the moment you sent in your app until you found out about your acceptance?

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