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Uni in Sydney

Hi everyone. I am a Canadian currently attending college in Toronto but in three years (I am done my school in 2009, and then I want to travel a bit) I am really thinking of going to University in Australia.

So I have a couple of questions:

1. The University of Western Sydney. Thoughts? I think I want to take the Bachlor of Social Science and major in Criminology, has anyone done this before.

2. I have a boyfriend, and I'd want him to come with me. IF we got married (not saying we are, but who knows in three years, we've been going out awhile) would he be able to also live in Australia as my spouse if I am under a student visa or would he have to get a work visa? or something else?

3. Anyone know of any grants for Canadians or international students wanting to attend school in Australia.

4. Is it cheaper to live on campus or rent an apartment with other people?

Thanks. VERY early stages of planning, just want an idea of what I am getting into...hopefully.
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